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Benefits of House & Land Packages

Mon, 10 Jun 2019 - 8:36pm - Fortune Living

House and land

The term house and land packages used to describe the package deal by homebuilders. It generally includes a new house built on a new land. Builders or developers do all the hard wrok of getting the planning and coucil approval on the land.
These packages are usually ready to build. A potential advantage of purchasing a new home is you get a property that suits your needs. Buying a new home in this way can reduce major repair expenses and maintenance cost.

For choosing the house and land packages one should look at the base prices offered by the developers. Developers advertise the best deals so one can choose easily according to his needs. New homes come with builders guarantee. Fixtures, buildings, and fittings come also in the guarantee.

benefits of house and land

 It is hard to find land in urban areas of Australia. Developers of house and packages have effectively discovered the accessible land.

 They do all the hard work of divind the blocks and designing the best suited houses for that perticular piece of land.

 They also prepare all the documentations for coucil approvals and get the coucil approvals done for you.

 All you have to do is sign the contract, everything else is taken care for you by the builders.

 House and land packages are in new development areas and are often near the conveniences, park, and local amenities.

 Prices are normally clear-cut and thye have fully turn-key options, so you don't have any extra cost after building.

house and land

 House and land packages are at a cheaper cost as everything is done under one package.

 One can choose the best design for himself. House and land packages give choices to customize the house.

 One of the benefits is that buying a house and land packages reduces the stamp duty as you only pay the stamp duty for the land price.

 Investing in house and land packages guarantees one to enjoy a brand new home that attracts the tenants. New homes are with all modern conveniences. Tenants will pay a higher rate of rent for enjoying the spacious interior and stylish satisfying living space.

 You save alot of time by starting the constructions as soon as you buy the package. You do not have to wait for coucil approvals.

 It is an easy and fast way to get a brand new home.

 A new home comes under the guarantee of the builder. It protects the buyer if anything goes wrong for several years.

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