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How to choose the right Home Builder?

Sat, 3 Aug 2019 - 12:11am - Fortune Living

Right builder

Are you planning to build your own home or renovate the current one? In that case you definitely are looking for a builder who can handle the requirement perfectly. Choosing the right builder is always crucial and a number of factors should be considered when it comes to selecting the one who can fulfill your requirements without any hassle.

We all aim for building a perfect home where a family could cherish life and make memories together. To make that dream true, choosing the right builder is almost half the work done as they can handle the task appropriately for you. Below  are our exclusive  tips to remember while getting involved into this process:–

Licensed Builder

1. Look for builder's legitimacy and Licenses

With so many builders in the market, the most important thing is to choose a builder who is licensed and legit. Some builder's licenses may have expired or there could be few builders with revoked licenses, and they are still involved in this business. You can ask your home builder in Australia to show their registration by requesting the Master Builders of Australia or the Housing Industry of Australia. If you want, you can have the list of licensed builders from the department of consumer affairs or fair trading.

2. Skills and Experience

In order to choose the right home builder in Australia you need to see the previous skills and experience of that builder. You need to explore what type of skills and experience you need in your project. Check how long the builder's been in market for and how many properties have they built. Moreover, the important thing is that the builder has built enough residential properties. It’s because so you know that they can handle complexities and problems efficiently while constructing your home.

Right builder in Australia

3. References and Builders Portfolio

It is great to check the existing clientele and the work performed by builder for the same. It will be good if you can walk-through the homes that they have built. The best way to check their customer satisfaction is to speak with someone who you know and who has built with that builder.

How to choose the best builder

Few mistakes you should avoid when choosing a builder in Australia. We have listed a few mistakes that you should avoid while choosing the right home builder in Australia.

  • Talking to the current clients is must, and you may ask for details of a couple of clients. However, the builder will give you details of clients who are happy with their services. So for the current clients, they will tell you less contrived feedback.
  • Always look for who you will be dealing with. Some builders are present during the contract process. However, after you choose, you may never see some of them throughout the rest of the construction process.
  • People usually get excited with designing and all that stuff. However, before signing the quote, know what is excluded from it so that it would not create any misunderstanding.
  • Do not assume that the cheapest quote is the right one for you. Always go through the material and other quality stuff. It's always good to save some money, but if the quote is significantly cheaper than the additional quotes, then you should be very careful before choosing that builder. Most builder will give you cheaper quote in the begining and then add lots of variation later on. So make sure you know all that upfront before signing the contract.

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